Spa Party Game Ideas

When trying to come up with party ideas for women, take the traditional girls' slumber party and upgrade it to a Spa-Jama party, and include a couple of party game ideas to spice up the spa experience.

Start with the invitations. Use pretty stationary or be creative with a graphics program. Hand-write the invitations and maybe even add a touch of perfume. Place the invitations in shiny envelopes to make them stand out. You want to make your invitations noticeable so they are not tossed with the junk mail. Ask your girlfriends to come to the party in their pajamas or loungewear.

Prepare for the party by acquiring plastic kitchen tubs for each guest to soak her feet in, adding a fizzy foot-soak for fun. Cut up cucumber slices for your girlfriends to place on their eyes. Use candles for lighting and play soothing music for the ambiance, like a sounds-of-nature CD, but have more lively music in reserve for later on. Optional ideas are to use mud masques or a paraffin dip.

After the girls have had enough soothing quiet time, change to more lively music and begin with the "Jama" part of the Spa-Jama party game ideas.

Create a list of everything possible pertaining to pajamas, like number of different colors, if they have stripes, are they silk or flannel, do they have buttons, are they striped, and so on, and assign points to each item. Do the same for other clothing the girls may be wearing, then hand copies of the lists to each girl. Go over the list, and the one with the most points wins a prize. Use inexpensive prizes such as nail polish, a manicure set, body lotion, or bath scrunchies as prizes.

Another game is the purse game. Create a similar list and point system to the Jama game, but include objects that might be found in a woman's purse. Put common items in a list and include items that might set the girls off laughing when pulled out of a purse. Again, award prizes for the winners.

Place plenty of bedding around if the Spa-Jama party ends up being a sleepover, or have your guests bring sleeping bags. Provide light snacks--salads, veggies and dip, and fruit--and drinks. If possible, arrange baby-sitting for women with kids, as this will make it easier for them to attend. The event will be a hit with your girlfriends with these party game ideas.