Adoption Shower Party Game Ideas

The arrival of a new child is an exciting time, whether that child is a tiny baby or a toddler. When a friend announces their adoption, the first reaction is the need to celebrate. But many hosts stumble when it's time to plan the party game ideas for the adoption shower. Since most adoptions occur after a child is out of the infancy stage, planning adoption shower games can seem tricky. But with a little creativity, it's not hard to think of fun party game ideas for an adoption.

Put together party games that give the new mom needed items. Games such as Name That Price or Baby Item Concentration include items the new mom needs. Since her new child might be a toddler, she won't need the traditional newborn clothes and bottles. Buy toddler spoons, dishes, towel sets, swim diapers, and toddler food items. Place the items on tray tables and have each guest write down how much they think the item cost. Using your receipts, call out the actual prices and the person with the most right answers wins. For another variation, line all the items up on a table and have the guests look at them for 30 seconds. Then have the guests leave the room and write down all the items they remember on the table. The new mom gets to keep the items at the end of the party.

For a foreign adoption, play the baby name game. This game involves finding out all the different ways other languages say the word baby. Type out a game sheet with all the different languages and have guests match up the word baby to the right language. For example, write down bambino and have Italian as one of the choices. Other printable party game ideas include matching up celebrities with the countries they've adopted from, or typing up a list of famous people and playing a true or false game on whether those people were adopted. These games are not only fun, but also teach guests a little bit more about adoption.

If there's uncertainty about whether the new mom wants the party games to have an adoption focus, ask her. Most adoptive parents relish in the fact that they're adopting and won't feel offended by adoption party games - but there are some that want the focus only on the child, not the way it arrived. Combining traditional and adoptive shower games helps shift the focus a bit, and might be a more comfortable option for some new adoptive moms. But no matter which way you go, there are plenty of creative party game ideas for an awesome adoption shower.