Party Game Ideas for Bachelorette Parties

A bachelorette party can run the gamut from downright dirty to overly prim and proper. These party game ideas are a little bit in between those two. They're not overly raunchy, but they're not squeaky clean either. But they do offer more options for party game ideas at a bachelorette party, without involving any strippers or police intervention.

Before the bachelorette party, buy a blowup doll and a selection of lingerie and other wedding night attire and accessories. Try finding a blowup doll that represents the bride-to-be. During the party, pass around the faux bride-to-be, instructing the guests to choose one item to put on the doll that represents what the future bride should look like on her wedding night. These items can include lingerie, makeup, shoes, or any other accessories you provide. Have the bride-to-be put the finishing touches on the doll, and take a picture. While most party game ideas end the night of the party, this game keeps going by having the bride-to-be take pictures of the faux bride hanging out with her and the groom on their wedding night.

Take the party game ideas back to high school, and play a little truth or dare. The guests decide how raunchy this game gets, and it helps the guests get to know each other a little more. Follow truth or dare with a game of would you rather. Type up a handful of cards that ask would you rather questions related to marriage, such as would you rather catch your husband cheating on you with a man or a woman? Guests take turns asking questions and anyone who refuses to answer is out of the game.

Use balloons for active party game ideas such as bust your booty or pop the boobs. For bust your booty, give each guest a blown up balloon and have her shove it down the back of her pants. If she can't fit it down her pants, tie it around her with a string. Then she must pop the balloon without sitting directly on it. Guests can bang against a wall, bounce on the floor, or bump butts with another guest. Pop the boobs works the same way, except guests have two balloons and put them under their shirt. The first person to pop her boobs without laying directly on them wins.

No matter what sort of bachelorette party the bride-to-be wants, the party game ideas created by the hostess help determine the mood of the party. Tweaking party game ideas to fit your needs is the perfect way to give a down and dirty bachelorette party, or a party so clean, guests can tell their grandmothers about it.