Some Active Party Game Ideas to your Christmas List

Planning a Christmas party for kids this year? It's best to think active, for those kids who just won't tolerate much less.

If children can play "Simon Says" they can play "Santa Says". Make sure before you begin that everyone is familiar with the original version of the game, then tell them that instead of Simon giving orders, it will be Santa.

Make this new version of the game fun by adding surprise elements. For example, Santa might ask children to hug the friend to the right, or put on a Santa cap. He might also ask them to unwrap a present, or paw at the ground like a reindeer. Be sure to leave off "Santa Says" every now and then. That's when the game gets interesting.

Another active game that gets children involved is the freeze dance game. Children often play this game in preschool and kindergarten, so you can simply work off of what they already know about the game.

In this version of the freeze dance game, play Christmas songs and then stop the music. Children must freeze as soon as the music stops, in whatever position they are in when the music stops. If they are on one foot, they must freeze on one foot. Play this game until only one player is left (children who don't freeze, or fall over, are out).

The freeze dance game is a great addition to a Christmas party where there will be many activities that aren't active. It doesn't take much space, is easy to teach and run and lets children get their energy out easily.

If the children aren't very young, you can combine the two games. Play the freeze dance game, then require the children to play "Santa Says" in whatever position they are frozen into. It can be challenging and will likely remove many children from the game quickly, but it's sure to bring a lot of laughter, too.

It's important when planning games for children to think about how much sitting you are asking active kids to do, and then add active elements to let them use some energy before they sit down for less active things. You and the party as a whole will be in a happier place.