Super Party Game Ideas for Halloween Include Things Goopy and Gushy

Everyone loves a good Halloween fright. It's what the holiday is all about. Planning games for a Halloween party means scary or at least goopy.

Kids are fearless when it comes to these game ideas, while adults might balk a bit. But these games can bring out the kid in all of us, if we let them.

So let's start with the brain game. In this game, you replicate a popular game you can pick up at any store. But this one you make yourself. It's all about discovering what's in the "brain".

Here's how it works. Make a large bowl full of Jell-O about two to three boxes worth. Fill the Jell-O bowl with a variety of items, like gummy worms, small candy and other small trinkets. The guests must root around in the "brain" with their hands and guess what items are inside. You can make Jell-O that's a dark color (such as grape flavored Jell-O) to make this game tougher - nobody will be able to see what's inside the brain.

A similar game involves spaghetti. Instead of Jell-O, make a large bowl of spaghetti and hide a variety of candies, trinkets and other items inside. Think about how the items will feel when they are being touched and felt inside a large bowl of spaghetti. You are going for an "ewww" effect here.

Have smocks or aprons handy for this game, since you don't want to ruin anyone's clothes or costume. Have guests put their hands deep inside the bowl and guess the items inside. But tell them to keep their guesses to themselves. Once everyone has had a chance at the bowl of spaghetti, have them write down as many items as they remember. Whoever gets the most right wins the items inside.

These two games are sure to bring out the goopy lover in your Halloween guests.