Bachelorette Party Game Ideas Begin with Fun and End with Fun

Bachelorette parties are fun to plan and essential to the fun vibe are party game ideas that add laughter and joy to the proceedings.

To start things off, consider a silly drinking game (you can substitute non-alcoholic beverages if you like). This one is called "I never.." and in the game, a player says "I never .." and adds something she has honestly never done. Any woman who has done that thing takes a drink.

The trick to this game is to find something that you have never done that many people have done. Some examples include:

"..lied about my age."


" a speeding ticket."

" drunk in college."

This is a fun game to play while everyone gathers at the start of the party.

Another fun bachelorette party game idea is asking the guests to become poets. Get 50 index cards and divide them in half. On 25 cards, write words that are romantic in nature, like "cuddly", "sweet", or "roses". On the other half, write decidedly non-romantic things, like "ironing" or "back hair".

Have each guest draw a card from each pile and create a poem using the different starters. For example, someone who drew "roses" and "back hair" might create this lovely ditty: "Roses are red; your back hair is ewwww."

Use your imagination to create fun bachelorette party games. Because a bachelorette party might be the first time some people meet each other (the bride's best friend and the groom's sister, for instance), it's good to have an icebreaker activity and something that's fun and silly so everyone can have a good time getting to know one another.

To that end, many people like to have video scavenger hunt parties. This is really more than a game, as it can take the whole of the party to complete, but with a video scavenger game (teams are sent to a variety of places to do things and record their activities, then race back to the party), everyone has a great time getting to know each other and the bride and groom have a video reminder of how much fun the guests had before the wedding.