Party Game Ideas for Valentine's Day Must Include Kids

Kids generally love Valentine's Day. Maybe it's the candy or the promise of a love match, but having a party is a great way for them to enjoy the holiday.

If planning a Valentine's Day party for children, be sure to consider the many party game ideas out there. Some are silly, some plain fun, but all will help to make this holiday real for the children.

Top of the party game list is bingo. A good game of bingo is always welcome for a sit down break. Create bingo cards with various Valentine themed squares, such as pink, white, heart, Cupid, and the like. Use Hershey's Kisses or candy conversation hearts as markers.

Speaking of conversation hearts, have a conversation heart tower contest. Give each child the same number of conversation hearts (smaller children might need the large hearts rather than the traditional smaller ones) and challenge them to stack the hearts as high as they can. As the heart towers crumble, more and more children are eliminated from the game.

You might have a "pin the name on the heart" game, where the children try and pin (or Velcro) their name to a red construction paper heart you have hung on the wall. Their goal is to get their name nearest to the center of the heart.

Children love all Valentine's Day treats. Indulge this by offering cupcakes and having a cupcake decorating contest, or a cookie decorating contest. You might play other games at the party and award the winners various cookie decorating items like a jar of sprinkles, or a tube of decorator's gel. When everyone sits down to decorate one or two children will have a decided advantage over the others.

Planning a Valentine's Day party for kids is as easy as respecting their inherent interest in the holiday and doing fun things to tell them that their interest is valid and that the holiday is a fun one.